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    Auto Log Off functionality

    Ryan McVay

      My organiztion is in the process of extending EPDM to the Sales and Marketing division. I plan on using the Viewer licenses for the sales group and currently using Contributor license for the Marketing group (authors of product documentation).


      My question is this:

      When using the auto log off function what is the real definition of "inactivity" in the Admin documentation? Is this computer "inactivity" or inactivitiy of the user to access documents\searches inside of EPDM? This will make a huge difference in the amount of license I need to purchase for the Sales group.


      Currently running EPDM 2011 and moving to 2013 SP3 in the next quarter.

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          Charley Saint



          From the KB:


          There is a special 'Automatic Log Off' setting (see Administration tool / License / Automatic Log Off), where the Enterprise PDM administrator can enable automatic log off when a client system does not manage any files in the vault for more than 30 minutes.

          This setting applies to all vault databases.

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              Ryan McVay


              Thank you for taking the time to respond. Using that explaination, then I still require a deeper understanding of "manage".


              Does "manage" include the following"

              1. access to EPDM via sdk/api

              2. search run against EPDM

              3. engaging in a workflow

              4. CI/CO functionality

              5. All of the above


              This will make a big difference in the amount of EPDM viewer licenses I will need to purchase to support our Sales group.

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                  Michael Dekoning



                  I believe the answer is 5. All of the above. In fact, my recollection is that the automatic log off doesn't even occur until the max number of licenses is reached. In other words, if you have enough licenses nobody will ever be logged off unless they shut down their machine or log off themselves. This may no longer be the case. You should talk to your VAR about this.




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                      Ryan McVay


                      All of the above was what I was hoping the answer wouldn't be. My concern is that we are rolling out to a large Sales and Marketing group- over 40 would be users. We have automation tools that are going in that will access EPDM for document retrieval, collating, printing and storing inside the CRM tool. The current architecture (embedded in the CRM software) would require EPDM to be installed on all those seats. I'm looking to keep the amount of seats to a minimum, but it doesn't appear that we are going to catch a break using this architecture as the sales staff will be hitting EPDM all day long.


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