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    Volume of a cavity

    William Spinney

      Hi, I need a easy way to find the internal volume of a open body, mass properties gives you the volume of the solid part, but I want the open cavity.

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          Jeremy Feist

          if you are using 2013, the intersect feature is supposed to be a quick and easy way to make a solid out of that cavity, then you can use the mass props to get the volume.


          if yo are on an earlier version, you will need to manually create that volume body. the methods for witch vary a bit depending on your part geometry. can you post an image?

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            Alin Vargatu

            Watch this video to see both methods mentioned by Jeremy:




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                Sid Humphreys

                Good morning all,


                I am trying to determine the volume inside a cavity or box if you will.  After watching the referenced youtube video and seeing that this person gets two volumes, I am only getting one after completing the same steps.  I cap my box with a plane.  I pick the planer and then my box.  When I pick the box though, it says fillet and the number of the fillet.  I unpick the merge result and then choose intersect.  I only get one region and not two like the video.  What might be the problem or what might I be doing wrong is more likely the case please?