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Hellp with Animation

Question asked by Ben Cairns on Apr 19, 2013
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Im getting desperate now!


I am trying to create a simple animation to show two parts being bonded and pinned together.


I have built the animation but am having major problems when it comes to saving it.


if i use the only one of the three video compressors that works (Microsoft Video 1) the file is either corrupt or comes out with a horrible half screen glitch every frame and the colour quality of the part is lost and a simple metal component comes out with rainbow effects all over it. so my only other option is to save the animation as uncompressed. in this case when i come to playback the file, the frame rate is all over the place with the time bar on the video moving on but the time frozen then it will play 5 frames in one second then freeze on a frame for 10 seconds etc etc.


i have the frame rate set to 24 FPS for a fairly smooth video and the renderer is set to solidworks screen as i dont have time to wait on Photoview.

i am simply using windows media player to view the finished file


I am running a HP Z600 workstation with NVIDIA Quadro 4000 graphics card.


does anyone have any idea why no matter what settings i use i cannot create a simple short video!


i did manage to create a similar one yesterday of a much larger assembly but that was ussing Microsoft Video 1 compressor but the colour effect was not really noticable as i was zoomed out much further from the parts and it did take multiple attempts with all the same settings to give me a glitch free video but i now need a close up