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    Deleted User. Checked out file.

    Filip Faltmarsch



      I reacently started using EPDM. We deleted the old user on my computer and made an account for me. Now we have detected that there was some files checked out on the old user. Does someone now how we can check in the files, and go on with our work?



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          Joy Garon

          Hi Filip,


          When a file is checked out it is controlled by:

          • user (checked out by)
          • location (checked on in) - this includes both computer name and path
          • viewid (this is the unique identifier associated to the 'blueberry'


          If you still have the users computer with these intact, you can simply login as the admin user and check the items in (to retain any design changes).


          If not, then simply login (from any computer) as the admin user and undo checkout (changes in the users local view will be lost).




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              Lawrence Kiefer



              This is an old post but still relevant to my current issue.

              One of the EPDM users had a hard drive failure, so IT replaced his hard drive. Then of course we had to set up a new vault view.

              Now because of the new vault view on his PC, the files he had checked out cannot be checked in.

              I see above you say as an admin, I can "undo checkout" however I am not seeing this as being possible. When I log in as an Admin and select undo check out I get the message below.

              It will not let me undo the check out even logged in as the Admin as your post above states.

              Any help would be appreciated.


              Undo check out.JPG