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    Cloud ERP/MRP

    Fraser Kiddle

      Is anyone out there using a cloud-based ERP MRP system?


      My business is in the market for a new ERP system and looking for a solidworks user opinion. In a more general sense, what integrations can you do with EPDM and an ERP system?


      I find myself duplicating data, often with inconsistencies, as I create BOMs in our current inventory system.


      Thanks for your input.

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          Jesse Seger

          I find a lot of people banging their head on this one.  You have to lay the process out.  If you have EPDM, you are light years beyond most of the people I talk too.


          EPDM will create the BOM for you in an XML or EXCEL format.  You can customize the output.  This file will be saved in a folder somewhere nice and safe for a moment.  When you are shopping for ERP systems, refrain from using the words EPDM and SolidWorks.  Ask the question, "I have an EXCEL worksheet with a mulit-level or single level BOM.  Can you guys automatically import it from a file location?"  If the answer is, "What do you mean?"  Explain a little further, but if they don't get it, RUN.


          I haven't came across a good reason for you to be able to talk back to EPDM from ERP yet.  But I'm sure the time will come and it will be a similar approach.


          I really really liked Epicor, but the powers that be didn't want to get it.  So I get stuck creating an API for our new ERP system.

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            Lee CS Young

            Have a look at xTuple. I've successfully been able to export data to xTuple from EPDM without using the XML fucntionality but using the EPDM API directly. I know xTuple supports a cloud based solution as well.


            I haven't had the chance to create BOMs with it yet, but I will be and I might release an add-in.

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                Jesse Seger

                Yes you could go directly to the ERP system with a program.  From an architecture stand point, having the ERP system handle item and bom creation intrinsically is the first option.   If it can't be done, then you can look at writing some data access layer, whether its right in the EPDM Addin, or in another library.  I chose to persist the data out to excel and read it in to ERP.  That way I can send data from EPDM, WPDM, SolidWorks, or whatever.

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                Joy Garon

                Hi Fraser,


                Folks definitions of ERP/MRP seem to vary widely.

                I think the first thing you need to define (before a recommendation can be made) is:

                • Specifically, what are you requirements? ( Finance/manufacturing/sale and service? )
                • Budget? (How much do you want to spend on software/services)


                Best Regards,


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                    Stewart Florsheim

                    hi Fraser--You might want to consider Kenandy ERP (www.kenandy.com). It's cloud ERP, built on the Salesforce Platform. You can easily import your BOMs, and use whatever features you need from the product (i.e., manufacturing, order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, and/or or financials). If you have any questions about the product, please let me know.

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                    Andrew Schutte


                    While it's not cloud based, www.smoothlogics.com offers a great ERP/MRP system that offers a bi-directional sync SolidWorks Add-In. The benefit is you never have to manually type anything from SolidWorks into your ERP/MRP system, and engineers can stay inside of SolidWorks for their design, revise, and order requests (to purchasing).

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                      Kane Nawrocki

                      Cloud ERP software helps you to maintain your all reports like inventory report, sales report, total gross report etc.You have to just maintain your your server with highly configured  with integrated it with cloud. the main thing you feels on cloud is security.cloud ERP software is totally secured.it protects your data from threats and malicious activity.secure your sensitive data also.so its nice working cloud with big advantage of  security reliability and integrity.