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Find Specific Imported Features

Question asked by James Bailey on Mar 20, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2013 by Jerry Steiger

I'd like to find specific features (weld bosses) of customer part data which is translated into SolidWorks. I've looked into the Find/Modify Features tool, but I'm not sure if I can find these features if they aren't recognized natively by SolidWorks as a feature on their own (they're typically a combination of surfaces).

Upon finding them, if I could select them all, I think I could programmatically assign planes or labels (or anything) to each making design and process flow much more efficient.


--More info (separated because many are deterred by big blocks of text)--

Here's the deal:


Customers send us their part data (typically Catia, step, iges, etc.) which we translate into SolidWorks. We usually work with interior components of cars such as door assemblies and the instrument panel (among other things).

After translation, we have an imported feature which SolidWorks can recognize and creates a bunch of surfaces, holes, etc. depending on the integrity of the file.


Because of confidentiality agreements, I probably can't upload pictures or files of customer parts, but if you're familiar with interior components, there are things we refer to such as weld bosses or stakes. These are simply a hollow cylinder extruded from the substrate of the underside of a part.


These bosses are closely related in that they are often the same diameter and have a hollow center, therefore, it seems viable to find them based on these parameters (outer-diameter/inner-diameter) and even sub-categorize them based on which ones are parallel to eachother, etc.


I can understand that this is a specific and unique question, but I'm hoping someone out there can see the benefit in achieving this task.




Thanks in advance.