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    Importing Motion Loads into CosmosWorks

    James French

      I am having some difficulties with importingMotion Loads into CosmosWorks.  Is there something thatprevents the loads from being imported.  I have installedWorks/Motion on two different computers and I get different errorson each machine.


      Computer 1 never saves the Motion Loads to theassembly file.  I know this because when I run my simulationthen save the file, all of the simulation data disappears.


      Computer 2 actually saves the Load Data to theassembly file like it's supposed to, but when I import the loadsinto CosmosWorks, the DesignStudy for the particular frame is nevergenerated.  As far as I can tell it's not importing anydata.


      Is there anyone out there that has seen thesestrange characteristics with using the software?  I appreciateany advice.



        • Importing Motion Loads into CosmosWorks
          James French

          Reseller support figured it out for me. Using Motion/Works like this is not very intuitive but hereis the solution:

          1)       Run the simulation inMotion

          2)       Click on the Works Tab andthen find Import Motion Loads

          3)       Follow the dialog boxinstrutions

          4)       Open the part to be analyzedwith Works from the assembly and then click on the Works tab

          5)       There should now be a studyalready setup with the appropriate loads established foranalysis.


          Cheers for reseller support!!!!  DDiCAD