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    Subtracting one volume from another, but leaving the original volume in place

    Michael Hanagan

      Hi everyone - I am in part mode and I have a multitude of "coil" bodies that intersect another block body.  I would like to subtract the coil volumes from the block body and retain the coils themselves.  When I use the Feature... Combine... and select Subtract I get the right cavity freature in the block body but all of the coil bodies are also deleted.  So I tried to make a second set of coil bodies before doing this operation but I cannot seem to get SW to simply create a copy off all the coils and leave them in place.


      Any ideas on how to do this?


      If it matters: I create the coil bodies using a linear pattern then do a revolve sweep to create the multitude of coil bodies.  I use the same sweep method to create the overall block body as well.