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    Simulating air flow in a room

    Martin Manvik

      Hey hey.

      I'am at the moment working on a project were I'am supposed to simulate an air stream across a room. Were one of the sides in the room have an air supply and the other side has a suction. At the moment I have clarified two boundry conditions, were the air supply is a inlet volume flow and the other side ive just static pressure. This approach seems wrong and I hope that someone could guide me abit


      I would appreciate every approach


      Yours sincerly  Martin Manvik



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          Jared Conway

          why does the approach seem wrong? looks ok to me.


          the only thing to consider would be whether the suction is truely a simple static pressure. is it really dumping to atmosphere there? or is it a fan? the only thing I might consider is how the flow is actually arriving at those inlets/outlets and consider whether an internal fan would be better. but that means moving the boundary condition away from where you have them right now.


          that being said, to get a good idea of the airflow, i think your problem setup is reasonable.

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            Martin Manvik

            Thanks for the reply

            Well the suction side I assume it's "static suction", because there will be a pump or a fan there and likewise on the air supply side. This was kinda like a first draft so I probably need to change the "nozzle" positions of the air supply side and suction side.