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    File Size explosion with design table

    Karl Weeks

      I have an assembly with a design table that drives it. The assembly only has about 10 parts but there is a fair bit of logic in the design table. When working on th file yesterday the file size exploded from about 900 kb to 150 Mb (SW 2012 SP5.0).


      I think the problem was that at one point when working on the design table i mistakenly copied and pasted a cell to a whole column. I deleted the column but the spreadsheet became very slow to use. My understanding of Excel is that it only stores the used cells so this type of error (even formatting empty cells) can increase the spreadsheet size, which i imagine will increase the SW assembly file size.


      To try and fix the problem i have:

      1. deleted all rows below my data in the design table.
      2. copied my data out of the design table, deleted the design table, saved etc, file is still large (even without a design table).
      3. deleted and created new design table.
      4. various combinations of 'save as' and 'pack and go'.


      I am at the point of restoring from a backup. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix the file so I don't lose hours of work?


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          Mike Pogue

          Can you post the file?




          Try these:

          1. Copy the design table to a seperate excel document, delete the design table, create a new one, paste it back.

          2. Save the part file as. This sometimes reduces the file size.

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            Alex Taguchi

            The following have been found to cause unusual and unintended large file size:


            1. Corrupt BOM tables inserted into the assembly.
              1. If you have any BOM tables in the assembly file, delete them.
            2. Erroneous/bad display states.
              1. Switch to your configuration manager tab and uncheck the box to link display states to configurations and delete all display states.
            3. Image quality
              1. Go to document properties>image quality and turn down the image quality.
            4. Problematic parts
              1. Start deleting parts from the assembly to see if any of the components are causing the problem. If you find one that seems to trigger the problem, open it up and take a look for rebuild errors or unusual errors.
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              Karl Weeks

              An update on this problem-

              I found another post on this forum  https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/42602 which suggested downloading MiTeC SSViewer - structured storage viewer http://www.mitec.cz/ssv.html which allows you to see inside of the OLE object. There was link in this to 'Embedding11' which seems reminiscent of the Excel release. With the SSViewer i was able to delete the excel container and my file size dropped back down to a reasonable size, and although the design table was gone I was able to re-insert it (please note I make no other promises about SSViewer except it worked in this case).


              thanks for the suggestions.