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    I messed up when uninstalling solid works and now i broke it! Please help!

    Jonathan Dawdy

      Ok so from the begining... I was told to do a fresh instal and remove the solidworks 2011-2012 and install version 2012-2013


      So i deleted all of solidworks files that i could find but then relized i was supols to run the solidworks uninstaller. So i ran tht anyways and it said it worked so then i followed what everyone said online about the regedit keys and all the other files i needed to delete. Now i thought i got everything but everytime i click to install it it stop with the error log below. So after so mnny trys i was told to use ccleaner and delete all reg errors and i did this but still nothing. Is there a program i could download and run tha will scan my computer of all the solidworks files and clarify that they are deleated and find the ones that arnt. ----ERROR LOG BELOW---






      I will enthisize this part... If you want more of the logs you need to ask me because i didnt know what codes on there are private.


      19:03:10InfoSelection1070"Writing serial numbers to the registry..."
      19:03:10WarningSelection1100"===> CHANGING {0: solidworks} SERIAL NUMBER IN REGISTRY before installs: {1: KEY HIDDEN} -> {2: KEY HIDDEN}"
      19:03:21InfoStep900"{0: Installing} MSI: {1: C:\Users\Jon'\Desktop\solidworks\64bit\SolidWorks\SolidWorks.Msi}; command-line: {2: INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\"  ADDLOCAL=FeatureWorks,PhotoView,SolidWorksAnimator,SolidWorksToolbox,SolidWorksRoutedsystems,SolidWorksUtilities,ScanTo3D,CoreSolidWorksTaskScheduler,TolAnalyst,CircuitWorks,Simulation,Motion,SolidWorksCosting,SolidWorksDesignChecker,RealViewGraphicsdisplay,ExampleFiles,Manuals,HelpFiles   SLDIM=1 ADMINCLIENT=1 REBOOT=ReallySuppress TRANSFORMS="C:\Users\Jon'\Desktop\solidworks\64bit\SolidWorks\1033.mst" TOOLBOXFOLDER="C:\SolidWorks Data\" OFFICEOPTION=3 ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT=1 IMTOKEN=340d9d96e2e4f36ee5844095d9a0ca40}

      (ID {3: SolidWorks}, lang {4: }, pcode {5: {4C66F076-D3AB-49C8-85D4-BAA6D82FCAE2}}, mode {6: 3}, upg = {7: }, f{8: 0}, costKB {9: 4034588})"

      19:03:24ErrorStatus1560"***START DUMP OF WINDOWS INSTALLER DATA***"
      19:03:24ErrorStatus1570"Another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product, use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel. {4C66F076-D3AB-49C8-85D4-BAA6D82FCAE2}"
      19:03:24ErrorStatus1580"***END DUMP OF WINDOWS INSTALLER DATA***"
      19:03:24ErrorStep1540"** Install FAILED with code 1638"