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    v3900 vs v4900

    Oliver Kiss

      Hi everyone!


      I'd like to build a "workstation" for study sw. I read a lot of articles and watched a lot test results (Specviewpref 11 and Specapc for solid 2007), but I can't decide what vga will be the best for my budget. I have app. 400$ for the cpu and vga. By the cpu the two are i5 3570 vs i7 3770 and the vgas are v3900 vs v4900. The main question is that the v4900 better then v3900 as much as the price higher? Or I should chose the cheaper and buy the i7 3770 for 100$ more and gain more power for solidworks?


      Thanks in advanced!

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          Jerry Steiger



          There is a thread in the Administration forum that you should read where Charles Culp discusses graphics cards. The V4900 seems to be at a really sweet spot for power versus cost. The V3900 may be adequate for what you want to do. I'm not sure what the differences are between the two CPUs, but Charles would also be able to help with that question. See his latest thread in the administration forum on suggested computer specs, or possibly his older thread (May 2012). I have a vague memory that the i7 may be 3 or 4% faster than the i5 at the same clock speed, but I may be confused about which CPUs were being compared. In any case, the Administration forum is the right place to ask questions about hardware.


          Jerry S.