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    Getting Started with ePDM

    Joel Nelson

      I am new to the ePDM world, and looking for some reference material other then the Administration documents that are on the install disk.

      Basically something like....ePDM for Dummies, or Now it is install but now what....


      Anyone no of websites, PDFs, videos, etc., that can help a novice out (novice to ePDM, but have been using PDM from other vendor for 15+ years).



      Thanks in advance

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          Raghavendra Bhagwan

          Hello Joel,


          Usually the administration guide is the first and good place to start with.


          You will find these on running DVD, You can choose to open the Installation, Administration / Replication guide.


          Hope this helps !


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              Joy Garon

              Hi Joel,


              As Raghav noted, there are good resource guides for reference, however, it it best to put context to the materials.

              I would suggest taking a basic training class via your VAR. Once you have the basics under your belt, there is a wealth of materials available via blogs, this forum, Youtube and etc.

              The material does take a little time to master and the best way to learn is to start using it :-)


              Good luck -


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              Steven Pybus

              I too, am new to ePDM. The Replication guide has helped me tremendously, especially because we have two remote sites that need to be replicated. I learned how to create Vaults on two seperate servers and how to get them to talk in order to replicate to each other.

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                  Joy Garon

                  Hi All,


                  Having just inherited a vault that was setup 'in-a-hurry' by someone doing the best they could, I want to reiterate the need for formal training and expert assistance.

                  I often hear time and cost cited as reasons why people ignore training. It always leaves me shaking my head.

                  You have purchased a complex tool to help manage your corporate IP. It is in your best interest to invest the time and money to learn and have an expert assist you with the implementation.

                  The bottom line is, you will spend that time and money anyway (and then some) when you need to go and fix issues down the road.


                  My .02 cents.