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    PDMworks Enterprise vs. PDMworks Workgroup

      What does PDMworks Enterprise offer that PDMworks Workgroup does not? We have three operating units (Ohio, Texas, and Illinois) that would like to utilize the PDMworks Workgroup that comes with SW2007 and I wonder wht the limitations are for the PDMworks Workgroup.

      I am familiar with PDMworks Workgroup but not Enterprise.

      Any information is appreciated.

        • PDMworks Enterprise vs. PDMworks Workgroup
          Joy Garon
          Hello All -The key differences between the Workgroup and Enterpriseproduct are:Enterprise offers: - File replication between sites.Benefit: Speed - This means files get 'replicated' to local sites(on a user defined schedule) so that users retrieve files locallyas opposed to over a WAN. - Automated workflow with notification.This allows you to automate approval processes. This is more of amanual process in Workgroup - SQL Server database. Enterpriseutilized MS SQL Server as the underlying database (included withthe software). This makes it easier for admins to generate reports,tie to other systems, etc. - Greater granularity of permissions andthe ability to utilize Active Directory - make the admins lifeeasier. - Integrated 3rd party viewer. Allows you to preview manydifferent filetypes without having to open the file in theapplication, (PDF, Video, Images, etc)There are many otherdifferentiators - you should go to the SolidWorks website and checkout the videos that demonstrate various bits offunctionality.Regards,Joy