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Need help with some basics

Question asked by Courtney Terry on Feb 4, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2013 by Joe Kuzich

Hi all,


So to sum this one up: I'm an Electrical Engineer learning to use SolidWorks for the first time. I've recently started work at a new company, and the task I'm currently on is to implement a new part number system. I have a hand-wavey idea of what I'm doing at best.


I'm struggling with two issues:

One- renaming PDFs is pain-free enough, but renaming part files and assemblies and/or relocating files makes SolidWorks complain. Can anyone recommend any tutorials or pointers for renaming part/assembly files with new part numbers without breaking top-level assemblies?


Two- I'm finding that creating parts from scratch is easy enough, but I'm having trouble with updating dimensions in existing parts. Supposing I want to change a length- I open the part, and click extrude1 (or whatever number the correct 2D sketch is from the feature manager, yes? Can I do this on a part I've saved from McMaster, and if yes how?


Thanks for any help, folks!