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Why does SW keep Losing/Overwriting User based Custom Properties in 2013

Question asked by Jeff Mungle on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2013 by Jeff Mungle

Just loaded SW2013 SP2.0 and I am running into this issue concerning the User Custom properties and I was wondering if anyone has came across this issue or should I report this as a bug that needs attention?


We as a company have our own user based Custom properties that we use. It is just our own "properties.txt" set up with what we use.


After loading SW2013 SP2.0 I have pulled a part into SW and went to Custom properties\ Configuation specific tab and was trying to click on the first "Property Name" box which would normally bring up the "properties.txt" list in the form of a dropdown menu.

What is happening is this. As soon as I click in the box I see a quick flash and the only choice that comes up in the drop down menu is "PunchID" which is not even in our company properties list and if yoo go to the .txt file you will find that SW has overwritten the file and the only thing in it is the PunchID property which ironnically is the last property in the out of the box SW property list.


I have tried editing the list within the Custom Properties window and it will not stick either.


Any suggestions?