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    Automatic transitions & initial states

    Klaas Oudejans

      Good morning everybody,


      I have a question on EPDM workflows. A rather simple one I think, but I can't seem figure it out myself. A search on this forum also turned up blank.


      I have a CAD-workflow, that has an initial state (Initiated), but CAD files don't go into this state automatically.  When I put a CAD file into the vault, the first stage is the grey state, where it's a local file.

      But EPDM adds those automatically to the vault. After it's added, it has no category yet. But it is checked out to me. It does have a data card, with the right variables set (generated serial number as well).

      But why do I need to check it in to get it in the "intial state"?


      Is it not possibel to do something with an automatic transition here, to put files directly into a the workflow. Or should you fix this through the dispatch?


      Hope to hear from you soon!

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          Tim Read

          Your CAD file will go into a Category, Workflow, and hence State based on the what you have set up in EPDM (example: Workflow based on Category and Category based on Variable set on data card). The file being "Added to Vault" does not determine exactly where it will end up. The ONLY way to have it enter that 'Initial' State is to check it in and then check it out again if you want to edit it.


          When adding the file to the Vault an entry is added to the SQL database but only to allow for the setting of a Category and Workflow based on the file, location & its datacard. Your file shows that it is "Checked Out" to you but no-one else can see it has been added to the vault or even if it exists (except the Admin).

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            Aaron Duncan

            Hi Klass,


            If the file that is in the vault has no Category, it means the it does not meet the conditions of a category.  So check that you have a Category set up for such that the file that you are trying to put into the vault meets the conditions of a Category.  Once EPDM can put the file into a category, then it can put the file into the workflow associated with that Category.


            Here is an example of a Category called "Legacy Drawings" which defines any file in the "011 Design Data" folder with a ".dwg " extension as a Legacy Drawing.

            EPDM Category Legacy Drawings.jpg


            Since, for my company, these are "Uncontrolled Documents" then I have set up a Workflow for them to go into as shown below:

            EPDM Uncontrolled Workflow.jpg


            I hope that helps, bye for now,