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    Rename files

    jose junior

      Hello everybody, I am in a company here and when they create an outfit they name this way: "NAME OF EQUIPMENT ARCH 1". Plus the biggest problem is that once approved, rename and very laborious. As you do when you have to create the design more are still developing, as are the names of the designs?

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          Peter Farnham

          Bad way of running a company!


          Even in prototyping a naming convention should be used, based on the required end products.


          That's where numbers are best suited as document (file) names as opposed to naming the document (file) in a descriptive manner.


          The description should be in the description property, where it can be changed in Solidworks explorer, Pdmworks or even it Windows explorer, without even opening the Document.


          Shown here is the Windows explorer way

          File properties.JPG

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              Richard Gergely

              Bit harsh I think in what you are saying it's bad way to run the company.


              Have you never worked in industry where mass changes occur and the description early on in a project could be totally different at the end?? I see it all the time.


              Anyhow, using numbers how can you find something quickly in a assembly to edit. A name tells you what it is a number doesn't. That's not to say you can't combine the 2 though.

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                  Peter Farnham

                  Yes you can us number with letters in the document name too.

                  BUT read what you have written....... the "decription" can change. so use the decription custom property which can easily be changed and does not "break" your assemblies.


                  Your comment of a number does not tell you what a name does is nonsensical.

                  Numbers are just another way of identifying something.

                  All big companies have realized that using a descriptive namimg system is restrictive and use a numbering or a numbering/alphabetical system.


                  Go to your local car dealership service department and look at what they use for finding a replacement part.

                  Their listing system does not list a part as a "BMW series five 2.2L turbo diesel with climate control and power steering auxiliary belt".

                  This is put in the description property.

                  They use a numbering or a numbering/alphabetical system as the file name.


                  An examples for you:-



                  It took a while to understand their reasoning, when our product range was small, but now we have a large product range it finally sank in!


                  So yes, harsh, but very VERY true.

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                      Richard Gergely

                      Well your wrong on car parts, rarely do I just get a file direct from the manufacturer which isn't a number and a simple name - 'B999 - light bezel' , 'L999 - a post bracket' etc.


                      And............. the numbers often change throught the cycle of the project, So later in the project the part may have a totally new number and name. So for your information car companies do it.


                      So yes rename is required for both the part number and the basic description potentially.


                      Do you think when they design a car the original reference for the part is the same as the part number you will order from the service department 3 years down the line????????????????? Basically you are dreaming.


                      Yes numbers are usefull but also description is very useful.


                      Put it this way I have 400 injection mould tool designs, each tool then has any number of parts in.


                      I run with job number and simple part description in the tool design / or job number, item number, simple part description - dependant on what the client requires.


                      I can't think of a company I work for at the moment who doesn't run part number and simple name on 3D files I recieve to do tool designs for?


                      example - LC???-????-cassette 5 wide.

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                          Peter Farnham

                          I can see that this will end up no way benificial to this forum, many companies have your way and many companies have mine.


                          All I will say is that we have tried your way and it did not work for this company, nor for any company that we put work out too, (including injection molding, laser, waterjet and plasma, just to name a few), or any company that we buy our products from.


                               Maybe it's because we design products from thought, then prototype, though manufacturer, to delivered and installed at the customer's premises. After which we provide further service support and repair and even training if required.


                          We also have to work to strict standards like BS5500, ASME, ISO 9001:2008 and ACAS thoughout the process, so maybe we have to think ahead a lot more.


                          Your way works for you so that is good... for you ....and for companies that like to work your way.



                          Jose does not want to work your way, "very laborious" and that is the whole point of him asking for another way.

                          I have given him another way, to which you disagree with, as this is not the way you work.


                          Neither of us can see the logic of the other and will disagree forever more I fear.


                          I think you should really try to help the original poster and not try to argue with anyone who does try to help, just because you don't agree with them or their point of view as that just looks like you are trolling.



                          As a side note for Jose, If you invest in pdmworks or something like this, you can change the document name in the vault, again without having to open each one by hand, but you have to be careful in that they are not linked to other assemblies elsewhere.

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                    Henri Hiisila



                    There is one general rule which applies to any parametric design program; same filename must be used only once.


                    If you use letters only you'll propably find yourself in a situation that two models has same name. Therefore using number sequence of any kind would be something you should think.


                    You could combine words with sequence numbers in to filename if you like but using file properties you are able to change descriptions afterwards as many times is needed. One advantage of properties and invividual filename is that all changes made to part file properties applies through all your designs eventhough assemblies are not opened in memory.


                    Properties are possible to show at feature manager design tree also for make it easier to find specific model. Also search bar above feature manager filters any property used in model. And furthermore properties could be used for database search easily if you have one already or get one some day. Like peter said property modifications could be done several different ways including manual modifications or batch modifications with programs designed for that.


                    This attached image represents one design view from my screen. There you see permanent model filenames which identifies project and subproject and also sequence number generated by an add-in database program. Descriptions are in finnish in my design view but printed/converted document BOMs could be translated in to any language in database.


                    This all could be done if descriptions are file properties.




                    File naming.jpg