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    the PDMLynx alternative

    Brian McEwen

      Hi,  Does anyone have experience using PDMLynx?  www.pdmlynx.com  I'm trying to leave no stone unturned and I'm looking for feedback.   


      It seems very inexpensive: there is a one time cost for each CAD editor! and free seats for all other users.  Support is optional.  It appears to have a few more functions that PDM Workgroup, but it is not intended to be on par with Enterprise PDM.   It will manage the ECR/ECO process which is something we are interested in, if it does it better than NG ERP. 



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          Glenn Chapman

          I have been using PDMLynx for a while now. I work for a smaller company with a lage number of products. It allows us to manage our data by connecting: drawings, schematics, BOMs, pictures, documents and more to each part, sub assembly or product. It also helps us maintain control of the ECO and ERC process. It is easy to use and a real time saver. It also shows very well when you have customers visiting; it almost always gets more than a few favorable comments.

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              Brian McEwen

              Glenn, very kind of you to respond. 


              Maybe I should just get the demo, but I'd like to know a bit more before I spend the time messing with it.   


              One important concern is that PDMLynx does not maintain file links (per phone conversation with them) when importing the old stuff into their file system. It sounds like thousands of SolidWorks files would need to be manually relinked.  Is that what you found, or did you always create your files within PDMLynx?  That makes me think it could also be a pain if you renamed a SolidWorks file.


              Once a sldasm is linked correctly is it pretty easy to open and checkout? Lock all the parts one wants to revise?