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    Solidworks 2013 sp1

    Peter Farnham

      Well I bit the bullet and clean installed Solidworks 2013 sp1, upgraded Pdmworks on the server and apart from a toolbox hicup that was easy to fix, everything went great.


      I found a bug (error) within 5 mins of the finished install that my var confirmed and fixed for me. Thanks NTcadcam.

      A colour, (color for our American friends lol), applied to part that was not showing in the sub assembly appearance history tree, did not show on the part in the sub assembly, but showed in the main assembly. Very strange!


      Overall impressions are very positive, it's very fast, feels a lot more solid, (no pun intended!), and cosmetic threads are fixed at last! yay!

      Skip Solidworks 20012 sp5 if you use these BTW.

      No crashes!


      Improved depth in assemblies really works.


      Waiting to try out the other improvements.


      Getting happier!