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    Cut List Linked To EPDM

    Tyler Wuebker

      We want to link our custom properties from our cut list to our data card. Has anyone found this possible?

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          Keren Dotan

          Hi Tyler,


          Cut list item are not files, so they don't have a data card of their own...  unless I'm missing something...


          Anyway there is a solution in the KB for displaying these properties in the BOM tab - S-054029:

          "In order for Enterprise PDM to display the cut list item properties in the weldment cut list BOM tab, the SolidWorks part file data card must have text controls mapped to card variables with a CustomProperty block attribute whose name is the cut list item property.
          Without the card variable, Enterprise PDM cannot push to the weldment cut list BOM the cut list item properties' values."


          Did you try it?