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Creating a tapered cut on a rounded/curved surface

Question asked by JR Ryan on Nov 28, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2012 by JR Ryan

Hi, I'm a design student and I'm quite new to solidworks, so I haven't mastered everything yet. But one aspect is really confounding me!


I'm trying to cut a curved and profiled wedge shape out of the surface of a basic revolved solid (essentially a cylinder and a hemisphere).


Absolut bottle.JPG


The shape I want to cut is essentialy this:




but I want it to conform to this shape:



I have tried a number of different options, but I just can't really figure out how to combine the two constraints. Even the swept cut I showed in the second picture isn't quite right, as it looses the geometry of the cut when it follows the 3d skets path along the curve of the shphere.


Any help here would be GREATLY appreciated!