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    Cannot activate RealView Graphics

    hajime hajime

      Hello. I am at the Tutorial Lesson 1 - Parts - Overview. At the end, there is an option of Adding a Realistic Appearance. I followed the steps but the "RealView Graphics" option is dimmed. Anybody knows how to activate it? I thought I made some mistakes in previous steps. So, I loaded a file provided by SolidWorks. However, I still cannot select this option. Thanks.

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          Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M

          Hello Hajime !


          Did you download the SW from Web ?


          Do you have a  supported video card for Real View graphics in your machine ?


          There are two other reasons why Real View may not function:


          1. If installing from a web download, the Real View shaders are a separate download.  Please go back to the download page for the version of SolidWorks that was installed, and download/install the "shaders.exe" file.


          2. Real View will be disabled if the installation is running in Software OpenGL mode.  Please access Tools/Options/system options/performance and make sure that 'Use Software OpenGL' is disabled.  Please see the online help for further information about this setting.


          Cheers !


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            Romain Clivaz



            Same problem on my laptop, It's a matter of graffic card not fully supported or recommanded...

            Sad but true

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              Aaron Ferguson

              Have you tried going to the Nvidia website, www.nvidia.com, and downloading the newest updated driver? I know I had a similar problem on my computer, but it also could be that card isn't supported for RealView Graphics.

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                  Charles Culp



                  The best method is to go to the SolidWorks website and get the latest APPROVED drivers. Sometimes the latest & greatest from nVidia's site is not compatible with SolidWorks.


                  You should always download drivers from here: http://www.solidworks.com/sw/support/videocardtesting.html

                  (unless that driver doesn't work properly, and then you get support from your reseller/this forum suggesting otherwise)


                  As for the original poster's question, that card does not work for RealView.

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                      hajime hajime

                      Anybody knows why the popular GeForce series is not supported? Not powerful enough?

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                          Daymon Hoffman

                          THey aren't supported so that you are forced to buy the "professional" series cards at multiple times the price for the same thing.  Don't listen to what anyone else feeds you... this is all it really means under the hood. 

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                              Ryan Scott

                              The professional cards offer a different type of processing than gaming cards, they process graphics in a more precise method and are better tested and supported.

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                                John Burrill

                                Daymon realview isn't supported on the GeForce cards because their drivers don't support it.  GeForce cards are designed to do a lot of texturing on a few polygons in a single accelerated window.  These drivers achieve their hardware acceleration through their implementation of DirectX and even if they have some support for OpenGL, they don't have the full implementation.

                                CAD does a little texturing on a lot of polygons in multiple accelerated windows.  Work station video cards provide hardware acceleration through OpenGL.

                                The video card requirement goes back to before Solidworks 2000 and is listed as the third item in the system requirements.

                                There are hardware and software hacks to make your computer think your GeForce video card is a Quadro.  I haven't used them so I don't know how effective or stable they are.

                                Seriously, if you're running Solidworks on your gaming rig while you're in school, then not having RealView isn't going to stop you from getting anything done.  It's mainly useful for pre-visualization layout and the halo effect on the highlighting makes it easier to locate what you've selected in the model. 

                                If you're running Solidworks professionally, you should get a supported video card and use the certified drivers.

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                                    Daymon Hoffman

                                    John / Ryan,


                                    John got to the crux of it with his fist sentence "...realview isn't supported on the GeForce cards because their drivers don't support it."  The cards are designed in unison using the same architecture.  The pills you guys have swallowed is exactly what they want the general populus to chug down.


                                    If the manufacturers wanted to they could quite easily "optimise" (lol) the "gaming" cards to be just as "professional" as the "professional" cards with the "professional" drivers.  But why do that when you guys will pony up 3/4x as much and beleive every word of the sales pitches! 


                                    I'm not in school.  I dont have a "gaming rig" and have been using this software (amoungst others) in real-world environments longer then you could guess... and with gaming cards as well as the over priced duplicates with "enhanced" drivers.  And from what i've seen it sure as hell doesnt always work the way they want you to believe.


                                    To enlighten you a little... the "hacks' you speak of... It was an excelent era to experience and one that is a pretty good indicator that what you (and many others) try to convey is flat out waffle. Sure you'll never hear anyone official tell you otherwise, but why would that be suprising to anyone with a dash of sense?  The SoftQuardo wasnt a hack. It was a modification to make the cards at the time capable of loading a different set of drivers and device ID so that it "thought" it was stamped as the equally expensive duplicate (to put it basically).  It didnt' quite work as perfectly as the pro cards but it was damn close.  Close enough to prove that if the drivers were actually written to work they would be just as fast even with a "GeForce" or "RADEON" sticker on them.  Of course when the powers that be finally got wind of it they actaully created hardware limitations so that it coudlnt be done purly in the software relm.  Which for the adventurous meant adventuring into the hardware modding side of things to acheive the exact same end game.  This also being another tid bit of information to pretty much sign on the dotted line of what really goes on.. for anyone with half a clue!


                                    So nowadays if you can't risk the aleged gamble on a gaming level card then your pockets will have to be deep enough.  If you do massive amounts of complex stuff and get paid accordingly then obvoiusly your best bet is with the expensive cards because your pockets are deep enough.  But often there are many people that arent in this situation and can quite easily get by with a normal consumer graphics card provided their system is maintained and/or refreshed to get rid of those inevitable bugs you get with long winded Windows installs.

                                    PS.  I have never used RealView graphics (and its varients) aside from turning it on to evaluate how useable it may be.  It has never remotely come close to helping me get ANYTHING done any faster... not even visualising because default shading already gets that message across instantly!  But sure if its there that is a bonus even if i don't use it. Though i'd much rather they are more Drafting/Modelling functionality. But hey they can't sell as many gaming cards at 4x the price if they didn't have flashly looking RealView screenshots in their brochurse!

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                                  Emilio Graff

                                  As others have said, it's all a marketing ploy.


                                  In the past some GeForce cards could be "converted" to Quadro by flipping a few bits in the firmware somewhere. It's the same thing with their "computing" cards. They are all the same graphics card, same architecture, etc. They put hardware locks to disable features to make you pay more. A Quadro card can be turned into a computing card with a command-line tool from NVidia. The GeForce's cannot. The only difference is that a card in computing mode can be used in remote desktop sessions, whereas graphics cards "disappear" when you log in (it's in the way Windows does it).


                                  Then you go to Wikipedia and compare cards and you realize the Tflops per dollar is way higher for gaming cards.


                                  It's no secret that Solidworks isn't all that great and I can guarantee you we pay "so little" for it because they are subsidized to push for things like "workstations" which is nothing but an over-engineered computer that almost nobody needs.


                                  So yeah, too bad for real view "not being supported". It's simply disabled to push you in that direction.


                                  I bought a gaming card for the Tflops. The Quadro I have in there is set to compute mode, due to other things that I do on this computer. And now poor SolidWorks can't show me reflections even though I can display and simultaneously simulate the motion of thousands of spheres bouncing off each other at hundreds of frames per second.

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                              Taewan Kim

                              I also use MBP 15" 2010 that has GT 330m but I can use realview. Normally Geforce card doesn't work for realview but I edit some registry to enable realview. May be any geforce or ati graphics card can use realview after registry edit.