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    Flow simulation - Percent progress

    Will Invents



      I have been familiarizing myself with Flow Simulation and am not doing well, I am confused when I model a complex heat exchanger since the Excel goal plot gives a 'progress (%)' of less than 100%, even though the Solver has completed and a bulk average temperature has been determined (for calculation of efficiency).


      Is there something very wrong happening here?



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          David Lawton

          Check out the calculation control options and look for the following:


          'Finish' Tab --> Finish Conditions --> Maximum Travels


          You calculation may be stopping prematurely because of the limiting number of travels that are set. Try unchecking the "Maximum Travels" on/off checkbox and continue your calculation. I believe the default is 4? You can manually go in and change it but I generally leave it unchecked. Probably not the best idea if you have a batch of simulations queued-up since you'll get stuck on the non-convergent one but useful otherwise.



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              Will Invents

              Thanks Dave!  I have found that more recent calculations have been solving without issue (100%), indeed the previous ones (with progress less than 100%) seemed reasonable results, but I assume they cannot have been. I think your suggestion does make sense and I'll keep it in mind if this happens again - I've been using a less refined mesh lately, so this is probably why (given your suggestion) I'm no longer having issues.