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    Stuart Ashdown

      Does anybody still have issues with Draftsight randomly crashing. 


      I've removed and done clean install, upgraded and downgraded drivers but still get the odd following message when working on docs.


      'The program must close'

      'Draftsight has encountered a problem and needs to close'


      The PC is WIn7 64bit and exactly the same as a second machine which has no problems whatsoever.


      Many thanks


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          I too have gone through th repair, uninstall/ reinstall system restore and everything in between. I am getting a "can't open file" error, then the program crashes.I also get the "program has encountered an error and must close" several times also. I have been using this program on this laptop, (Win7 64 bit) for a couple of weeks now and have not had a single problem until today. I used the program last night and it was shut down at the end of the session normally. Interestingly, the only way I can get the program to work now, is by starting the computer in safe mode which leads me to believe that the problem may be related to the graphic driver, although I don't know why it would work for a couple of weeks and then suddenly stop working. The other thing I don't understand is that when I start in safe mode, the program has no problem with opening the start up file, but when I start in normal nodem it can't find the start up file. I will continue to look for an answer to this problem and I am sending information about what I have tried and also my observations every time the program crashes


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