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    Pulsating Flow

    Kelly Chandler

      Hi All,

      I've found some background on how to apply a varying pressure or flow rate over time in a flow simulation



      However, I can't seem to figure out if there is a way to switch between a pressure boundary condition and a mass or volume flow condition.  What I'd like to do is to have a pressure when a port is open and a zero flow condition when it's closed.  Is it possible?




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          Kelly Chandler

          Another pulsating flow question.  So I've now applied a pulsing mass flow rate as a function of time in a table (at 60HZ) but when I run the simulation I only get results for 0 and 23.5 seconds.  What am I missing?

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              Chris Michalski

              Did you run this as a time dependent simulation?  If not it will only save the initial conditions and the steady-state.

              If so, did you setup the Control Calculation Options for the interim saving times?  You can either set a table for specific times, or start at X (seconds or iterations) and save every so often.

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                Jared Conway

                on your first question, i don't think you can have 2 different BCs applied to the same face even if they will change through the analysis. the workaround you have used is what I would recommend. if you need pressure to mass flow, can you describe your application and then we can look into it further.


                on your second question, like chris said, you're using a time dependent analysis, the default is no intermediate saving. you have to go into the calculation control options and specify how often you want simulation to save the results. depending on what you need, if data points are all that you need, your goals will have the parameter vs time data automatically without needing to set claculation control options.