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    How to make an enclosed surface?

    Jason Chan

      Hi all,


      I'm fairly new to Solidworks and am trying to design a Front wing then possibly use it in Solidworks Flow Simulation. I made one up but i have to turn it into a solid, but i am unable to do this as i think the airfoils are too thin at the trailing edge to give thickness.


      Another problem that i have, is the endplates of my wings (vertical parts) are not enclosed, i.e. they are open at the front and the back, how do i draw them in solidworks so they are closed?


      Hopefully you can understand what i am asking, any help would be greatly appreciated!


      I've attached the part, might be easier if you can see what i am doing.



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          John Layne

          Had a quick look at the model, not sure why you chose to do this using surfaces? From what I could see all the model can be constructed from solids.


          Note I'm using SolidWorks 2012 and you can't save a model in previous version, so I'm unable to model this for you.

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            Deepak Gupta

            Welcome to SolidWorks forums Jason.


            I would agree with John that you can use solid loft for your features. And in order to convert your surface model in to solid, close the open areas using planar surface or fill surface command. Then knit them all and use the option "try to make solid".


            You might also find this post helpful for your future reference.

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              Jason Chan

              Thanks for the response!


              Maybe i'll try doing it with solids again. I tried that at first, but my problem was; as you can see from my part, to attach the airfoil to the endplate, i made the airfoil sketch a bit further out from the outter endplate and extruded it through both the outter and inner vertical plates, then used surface trim to cut the ends off. However, i am unable to do this with a solid (not that i am aware of) as i can't use boundary cut as the airfoil is one whole surface (there is no top and bottom of the airfoil).


              My only thought is to make a sketch above the airfoil and use extruded cut, but as my endplate is curved, i find it hard to get the same spline - another question, is there a way to copy a spline, or get a spline exactly the same as the other? I tried just copying the X, Y and angle values, but it won't let me change the tangent weighting.


              Sorry for all the questions, so much to learn and such little time!



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                  Jerry Steiger



                  I didn't open your part, but it seems like if you could do a Surface Trim on the surfaces you could also do a Cut with Surface on a Solid.


                  As far as splines go, I've never had a problem changing tangency weightings.


                  If the splines are on parallel planes you could use Convert Entities to get a copy on anothe plane. If you make a spline proportional (in the property manager) you can move it around and rotate it. You can also scale it.


                  Jerry S.


                  PS. If your airfoil is too thin at the trailing edge for SolidWorks to make a solid, then it is too thin to build in the real world as well. What is the point of testing a wing that can't be built?