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Equation interface

Question asked by Pet Peever on Sep 30, 2012
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"What's news in 2012" says (chapter 10 in the french edition), that the interface was completely re-built.


Unfortunately, your team has still a lot of work :


3 major bugs, imo, described here





have to be fixed, before a plane crashes because such behaviour in a CAD program.


2 - About the equation interface :  when ENTER is entered, or when I dbl-click on something (often a global variable) to enter some parameter in an equation. if a sketch is opened, then, it closes.

As I generally enter more than one equation, and often with the sketch involved opened, I have then to re-open :

    - the sketch

   - but not only, because -3-


3 - When the equation interface is opened, impossible to open a sketch !!!!

   So, the manip described at -2- implies to

               - close at first the EI

               - re-open at first the sketch, and then

               - the EI.


4 - to use D_n@sketch_l works good, clicking on a dimension of a sketch, or on a previously defined dimension (left member of an equation).


It's another kettle of fish, if I want to click on a global variable to enter it in the right member of the equation !!!!


Even a paste and copy often don't works. Sometimes it works, often, it don't.


Compared to a previous version of the equation interface, I have not to open a zillion of windows to use equations, but your team has still some work, to make equations really user-friendly (which they would have to be, in any CAD program !!!)