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    Equation interface

    Pet Peever



      "What's news in 2012" says (chapter 10 in the french edition), that the interface was completely re-built.


      Unfortunately, your team has still a lot of work :


      3 major bugs, imo, described here


      - https://forum.solidworks.com/message/318367#318367

      - https://forum.solidworks.com/message/317942#317942


      have to be fixed, before a plane crashes because such behaviour in a CAD program.


      2 - About the equation interface :  when ENTER is entered, or when I dbl-click on something (often a global variable) to enter some parameter in an equation. if a sketch is opened, then, it closes.

      As I generally enter more than one equation, and often with the sketch involved opened, I have then to re-open :

          - the sketch

         - but not only, because -3-


      3 - When the equation interface is opened, impossible to open a sketch !!!!

         So, the manip described at -2- implies to

                     - close at first the EI

                     - re-open at first the sketch, and then

                     - the EI.


      4 - to use D_n@sketch_l works good, clicking on a dimension of a sketch, or on a previously defined dimension (left member of an equation).


      It's another kettle of fish, if I want to click on a global variable to enter it in the right member of the equation !!!!


      Even a paste and copy often don't works. Sometimes it works, often, it don't.


      Compared to a previous version of the equation interface, I have not to open a zillion of windows to use equations, but your team has still some work, to make equations really user-friendly (which they would have to be, in any CAD program !!!)

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          Pet Peever

          I have to add a 5th point :


          5 - when the EI is shut down, a hint gives the dubbed SW label of a dimension (and this dubbing is suddendly labelled 72 or 86, in the relation list, but it's another problem)

             When the EI is open, this hint would be really useful.

             Unfortunately, the team who wrote this amazing program decided that this hint would have to stay hidden then, just to kid a little.


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            Pet Peever

            Hum hum


            As said upper, the EI is very useful, with a sketch also opened.


            If a suppressed equation is changed to unsuppressed, then, the sketch suddenly closes.


            So, a point 6 to fix in a 2014 version :

            - to keep a sketch opened, and not closing over the slightest thing when the EI is opened too.

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              Pet Peever

              Hum hum


              A global variable variable1 is in the equation box.


              I redub variable1 to variable2, and all equations of the box are modified.


              All that is OK.


              Just that a curve, driven by an equation, and using the variable1 then is going to red.


              And that is not OK.


              So, a 8th bug to fix.

              In the 2015 version ?

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                Pet Peever

                I already told the joyce about the orientation of a sketch, which is decided by SW, not by the guy using it.


                The tip of Tools --> Sketch Tools not changing the orientation (the frame is flipped with items, so the orientation is in fact unchanged).


                Here, I can tell a bit the joyce about using an equation driven curve with a parametric definition, and the joyce to calculate what a parameter t1 has to be fitted, to see a curve beginning at the good spot, when the orientation of the sketch isn't the waited one, but the other one !!!!


                The joyce not ending with t1, since there is also a parameter t2 !!!!!


                It's funny to read that Sw permits huge assemblies with thousands of parts, considering the time I can waste with this program, and assemblies with 10 or 15 parts (not totally trivial, I have to confess, but much less than thousands parts, yet)

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                  Pet Peever

                  As this program is funny as the hell, here is The Ninth Gate : an equation using a driven dimension in the right member seems to adore the yellow.