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    CSWP Core Sample Exam in SolidWorks

    Karan Lingerkar




      Has anyone solved the sample exam.


      The answers I get are

      1) 14207.31 gms

      2) 16429.68 gms

      3) 14999.49 gms

      4) 13168.23 gms

      5) 14170.12 gms


      The answers given by solidworks ( in page 9 of the sample exam pdf)


      1) 14207.34 gms

      2) 16490.45 gms

      3) 15100.47 gms

      4) 13206.40 gms

      5) 14208.00 gms


      % Difference in answers


      My Answers (gms)Solidworks Answers (gms)% Difference in answers


      Not sure if this is acceptable..... because if you see the multiple choice answers in question 4....... its close between a and b. How ever my answer is close to b which is right. But this can be a problem some times. Why does solidworks get different answers?


      Also my dimensions A and B do not show the "infinity sybol" stating linked dimensions even though they are linked via equations.


      Also the depth of additional pocket added in page 6 of sample exam pdf "CC" is not stated. I assumed it to be the same, 20 mm depth, similar to other pocket shown "AA".


      I also didnt know how to link the extrude lengths for both the cylinders "D" in the pdf.


      Stage1 and Stage 2 of my exam attached (2012 SP 4.0 Version)