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CSWP Core Sample Exam in SolidWorks

Question asked by Karan Lingerkar on Sep 28, 2012
Latest reply on May 17, 2013 by Jeronimo Sosa


Has anyone solved the sample exam.


The answers I get are

1) 14207.31 gms

2) 16429.68 gms

3) 14999.49 gms

4) 13168.23 gms

5) 14170.12 gms


The answers given by solidworks ( in page 9 of the sample exam pdf)


1) 14207.34 gms

2) 16490.45 gms

3) 15100.47 gms

4) 13206.40 gms

5) 14208.00 gms


% Difference in answers


My Answers (gms)Solidworks Answers (gms)% Difference in answers


Not sure if this is acceptable..... because if you see the multiple choice answers in question 4....... its close between a and b. How ever my answer is close to b which is right. But this can be a problem some times. Why does solidworks get different answers?


Also my dimensions A and B do not show the "infinity sybol" stating linked dimensions even though they are linked via equations.


Also the depth of additional pocket added in page 6 of sample exam pdf "CC" is not stated. I assumed it to be the same, 20 mm depth, similar to other pocket shown "AA".


I also didnt know how to link the extrude lengths for both the cylinders "D" in the pdf.


Stage1 and Stage 2 of my exam attached (2012 SP 4.0 Version)