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    Enovia Smarteam and SW 2009

    Silviu Nita



      We have a strange request from one of our clients using Enovia V5 with Matrix One together with SW2009 SP5.1: "get rid of all components patterns because we have major issues checking in those assemblies". We have no Enovia in place, nor access to clients PDM and no other details about the issue.

      I found quite strange to dissolve all patterns in assemblies since the structure and the BOM of those assemblies are the very same, regardless of pattern existence.


      I need just to know if the above statement is a bogus or a real issue.



      Silviu Nita - CSWP 2002

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          Joy Garon

          Hi Silviu,


          I'm confused by your question. Are they using SmarTeam, Matrix or Enovia V5?

          In any event, whichever of these products they are using, the question needs to be directed to their support team.


          This particular forum only deals with Enterprise PDM.




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              Silviu Nita

              Hi Joy,


              Sorry I wasn't clear : they use Enovia V5 together with Matrix One. I'm not familiar with either one and I don't understand which is doing what. I use on a regular basis Windchill and TeamCenter, but for ProE files, not for SolidWorks files. No one of these two PDMs needs an additional database or an additional software: we use the same name for database client, for user interface and for database engine.Therefore I'm confused with roles of these two: Enovia and Matrix One. I really appreciate if you can add some clarifications on this.


              Meantime I have received an answer: the client is new in SolidWorks and Enovia and he didn't understand how these two works together.


              Apologies to ask this question here, but I didn't find any thread dedicated to Enovia here.


              Thx and regards,