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    Andy Mutton



      if I customize my own Keyboard short cuts. Is there a way to take thjese shortcuts to another compouter?


      I have come across from Vectorworks, where you can save yor workspace, im having trouble finding the same thing in Solidworks.


      Can I trouble someone for some direction on this function in Solidworks.







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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SolidWorks forums Andy.


          Use copy settings wizard to copy your keyboard and other shortcuts. Here is a link to a video showing all the steps: Copy Settings Wizard in SolidWorks


          You might also find this post helpful for your future reference.


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            Kevin Drew

            Copy Settings Wizard

            The Copy Settings Wizard saves, restores, and propagates system settings to users, computers, or profiles.

            When you select options for the SolidWorks software, those settings are saved in a registry file, and the software recognizes the settings from one release of SolidWorks to the next. For most users, no action is necessary to maintain their settings. However, you can use the Copy Settings Wizard to distribute settings.

            You can Save or Restore system settings for:

            •   Keyboard shortcuts 
            • Menu customization

            • System options

            • Toolbar layout (All toolbars or Macro toolbar only)

            You save settings to a file and then restore them to the following registries:




            Current user

            CURRENT_USER of current user

            One or more network computers

            LOCAL_MACHINE of selected computers

            One or more roaming user profiles

            CURRENT_USER of selected users

            Only system administrators should copy settings to network computers or roaming user profiles. When you restore settings to network computers, the settings apply to new SolidWorks users on the specified computers. You can restore settings to roaming user profiles only if your company uses roaming user profiles.

            To save system settings:

            1.   Optionally, exit SolidWorks.

            You can save settings while SolidWorks is running but any options set during the current session are not saved.

            1.   In Windows, click Start, All Programs, SolidWorks <version>, SolidWorks <version>, SolidWorks Tools, Copy Settings Wizard
            2. In the dialog box, select Save Settings, then click Next.

            3. Browse to a location and file name, select the types of settings, then click Finish.

            The wizard confirms that the settings have been written to the specified file.

            1.   Click OK.

            The settings files have a default extension of .sldreg. If you double-click a file with this extension, the Copy Settings Wizard appears.

            To restore system settings:

            1.   Ensure that the computer or user to which you are restoring settings is not running SolidWorks. 
            2. In Windows, click Start, All Programs, SolidWorks <version>, SolidWorks <version>, SolidWorks Tools, Copy Settings Wizard .

            3. In the dialog box, select Restore Settings, then click Next.

            4. Browse to a file from which to restore settings, select the types of settings to restore, then click Next.

            5. Select the type of destination (Current user, One or more network computers, or One or more roaming user profiles), then click Next.

            If you selected:

            •   Current user - skip to step 6 
            • One or more network computers - a list of available computers is displayed

            • One or more roaming user profiles - a list of available users is displayed

            1.   Select a user or a computer and click Add, repeat until you have specified all computers or users, then click Next
            2. Select or clear Create backup of current settings for <each_computer_or_user>, then click Finish.

            The wizard confirms that the settings have been copied successfully.

            1.   Click OK.