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    Display issues with SWx 2012

    Claudio Forcolin

      I have just installed SWx 2012 on a lenovo W510 (Win 7 x 64) to replace my SWx 2011 installation. The download and installation went well, but there is a display issue with SWx 2012 that did not show up in SWx 2011. The inserted picture shows buttons in the Options menu blanked out as if the display is too short in height. This did not happen with SWx 2011.


      2012 Display issues.jpg



      I follwed the instructions posted on the Knowledge base concerning issues with Lenovo mobile workstations.




      The only thing that I did not do was install SWx as I have already installed it, so I did a repair of the installation.  That did not repair the display issue.

      Should I uninstall SWx, wipe the registry settings ( did not do it for the 2012 installation), and try again, or is there some other settings that I should be looking for?

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          Claudio Forcolin

          I fixed the issue. I had to go into the Windows display settings and reduce the scaling to 105% from the original 115%. Now the display is a bit hard on my eyes. I have no issue on my older W500 with a 1540x1050 4:3 display with the same 115% settings.

          Now I have to put in an enhancement request ot make SWx work in a 16:9 display.

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              Claudio Forcolin

              Here is the responce I recived from SolidWorks concerning my enhancement request for adjusting graphics to better fit a 16:9 display:


              "Thank you for submitting this issue 1-2745137922 to our enhancement request system and for your continued patience while this request was under review. While reviewing this request we have determined that this is not an enhancement request for new functionality, but rather an existing issue with the current functionality.  The most effective way to properly address and escalate this kind of issue is for you to report it to the local technical support team at your SolidWorks Reseller. Please report this as a support case so it can be reviewed further.  Please let us know if you need contact information for your reseller.  Thank you again for helping to improve our products."


              Not much of a responce and shifting everything to my reseller. This is an obvious SolidWorks related issue. Adjust the pixel height, or add a scroll bar to make everything fit. My reseller laughed when he saw this responce