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    Tapped Hole callout on Hole table

    Wayne Schafer

      I have tapped some holes using the hole wizzard on a part put when I put in a hole table is does not show the the holes as tappped holes on the table, is just calls them out as thru holes only.  Is there a setting I am missing?

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          Anna Wood

          Can you post your part and your drawing for us to see what you have done and possibly offer solutions?


          Use the advanced editor link in the top right of the post dialog box.





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            John Burrill

            Wayne, the hole table follows your calloutformat.txt file (same as the hole callout tool), so the first thing I would test is whether a regular hole callout on the feature looks right on any tapped hole.

            If it does, then consider this: the hole callout can be thrown off if you add a cylindrical cut to make a counterbore or countersink on a tapped hole.  sometimes this is neccesary, in which case, you'll need to fill in your hole table manually with the values that you want to show up.  If possible, use the counterbore settings in the hole wizard.

            If your hole callouts are not coming out correctly anywhere, then you either misplaced or mis-modified your calloutformat.txt file.  If that's the case, you can get a back-up out of the CD or installation image: from this folder:

            ...\64bit\SolidWorks\Program Files 64\SolidWorks\lang\english