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    Standalone Workstation or a Cluster of high performance computers

    hajime hajime

      Hello, I am considering to buy a 16-core HP Z820 workstation with a Quadro 5000 card to run SolidWorks. As there are other users who need high performance computers, my boss wonders if it is better for the department to buy a cluster of high performance machines for people to share. Any opinion on this?


      My impression is that it is better to do it on a standalone workstation than on a shared, cluster of high performance computers. Once the cluster is available, many users will want to gain access. Then, the machines won't be high performance anymore. Any reason to opt for the standalone HP Z820 workstation besides this?

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          Anna Wood

          Do you do a lot of photo-releasing rendering and FEA?  If not, you will be better off with a single socket system.


          Core SolidWorks is mostly single threaded and will not take advantage of all those cores. SolidWorks will not take advantage of a compute cluster at all.


          PV360 will use all the cores.


          FEA will use some of the cores, but over about 4-6 cores there is not much of a performance increase with the SolidWorks FEA software.  This may not be the case if you are using other FEA software.


          A fast single socket, quad core setup with a lot of memory, SSD drives and a good video card will be a lot less expensive.


          What else besides core SolidWorks would you run that might take advantage of 16 cores?