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    Bug or problem with delete faces?


      There is one small area of this model that I need to fill so that I do not have to create an extra slide in the plastic injection mold for nothing. If I put solid material into the area, even without linking to the model, the part goes to a single point in the area. I can get a surface to form in the area but still with problems and then cannot trim to knit and solidify. Are my delete faces in the area causing a problem or something else?


      My general method of creating this part was:

      Start with some preexisting geometry in this area(maybe another problem)

      modify and build on it using surfacing

      knit and solidify

      add features that I could not generate with surfacing


      add more features

      split into seperate pieces

      add features to join seperate pieces in acutal assembly

      save seperate pieces into seperate files.


      I am stuck adding a lip to one half for my lip/groove assembly.

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          Hi Matt,


          Looks like VOB (Verification of Rebuild is off?) if so, you need to turn it on to catch errors like the one that the shell3 produced (with models like these - lots of advanced modeling - i.e. surfacing it is best to keep it on.) With it on your're going to have to figure out what is causing the issue/s.



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            MATT AUSTIN

            Looks like that's a great start for now. We tend to work with a lot of large assemblies with parts built incorrectly and we dont care about them building perfectly and this is the first complex surfacing part, so we had Verification of Rebuild off. I found some errors so I am off to fix em'. Thanks again, Until next problem...

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              Shon Owl

              At work mistakes meet surfaces at SW at sewing together that leads to geometry breakage in this place. At design of products of a difficult form there are such mistakes very often.

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                MATT AUSTIN

                After turning on Verification on Rebuild and fixing errors I now have a warning on the shell feature:

                WarningShell3To allow the shell to complete, an internal tolerance has been relaxed. Downstream operations that use this shell's geometry may have problems.


                Should I try to fix this somehow? if so, how? I suspect my delete faces so I am deleting those but using only guess and check method to try to solve the problem with no knowledge of the underlying issue.


                Any help would be awesome!

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                    Jerry Steiger



                    I don't have any easy answers for that warning. I try very hard to make that warning go away, but sometimes I just have to live with it. I usually don't run into any further issues, but the few times that I did are the ones that cause me to work so hard to avoid it.I wouild look for areas that are causing the warning by trying to shell with a larger thickness. I am very suspicious of areas that fail with just a slight increase in thickness.


                    Jerry Steiger