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Best technique for creating a flat layout of multi-bodied parts

Question asked by Timothy Root on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2012 by Timothy Root

I am creating an add-in for the cabinet making industry that will take an assembly (the cabinet) and create a second assembly which is the "layout" assembly that includes all the same parts as the initial assembly but with the parts oriented in a "layed flat" position so that they can be prepared for cutting on a CNC machine.  The biggest challenge I have found is that multi-bodied parts are heavily used in the woodworking industry.  What is the best technique for creating a "flattened" lay out of these parts?


I have tried:

  1. Create a new configuration for each part of the multi-bodied part with only one part visible and all the rest hidden.  This works in theory (and I thought would be THE solution) but SW has a bug where sometimes the parts don't stay hidden.  This is a known bug and SW has still not resolved it so I have been forced to abondon this technique
  2. Similar to 1, create a new configuration for each part of the multi-bodied part but this time use the "delete body" feature to have all bodies deleted in each configuration except one.  This works, and has no bugs like option 1 but is REALLY SLOW.
  3. Add a "Save Bodies" feature to multi-bodied parts that save out each body into a seperate part file.  This seems like it would be a good solution but I have run into a lot of errors and have not got it to work consistently.


Creating a flat layout for machining purposes is a common practice among many industries so I would imagine others have run into this.  Can you offer any help or advice?