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[Student] Need help with a minor project

Question asked by Alexander Hermansson on Jul 28, 2012
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Hey there! I recently started using Solidoworks at my school and we got a homework over the summer vacation to build a computer desk.

Keep in mind that I'm a rookie so I'm quite bad .


Okey to the point... I'm currently stuck at a place and I've been trying to work it out for several hours without getting anywhere.  okey so there it is nothing impressive really..



Okey so the problem is over here:

I can't get the hole in the tree "platform" to fit the hole in the iron pipe ..been trying to measure etc etc .. But I just can't get it to work.



So some help would be awsome.. I'm attatching all the files for download.

The tree platform is called "datorhållare" and the pipe "datorbenet" and  "realrealassemblu" is the assemly.



Thanks in advance


// Grim



(Not sure which thread I should put this post in.. so if it's wrong please move it )