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Help dealing with Point Degeneration (SW2012)

Question asked by Aron Lasky on Jul 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2012 by Aron Lasky

I do not find many tutorials addressing the problem of Point Degeneration, and could use some help with a particularly difficult three-sided shape. My VAR gave me some examples using trim surfaces on symetrical shapes, but this does not (seem to) work in my shape ( probably just me not grasping some aspect of the process, but the resulting shape does not blend with the surrounding shapes, and the VAR has refused to help, instead suggesting I enroll in some very expensive advanced surfacing classes of theirs. I guess that is the "Value Added"! ) since it is not symmetrical. I am able to get a surface shape and solid but the tip (3-sided shape shown below), of course, creates an issue when I try to shell.

This is the problem area;

Point Deg.PNG

I am attaching the file in hopes that someone can take a moment and look at it and see it they can get it to work and be able to shell the solid without the cursed minimum curvature issue. The Feature tree is rolled back to around where the shape is modeled. Don't worry about exploding subsequent features. I can always re-create them.

Any help from one of you surfacing wizes would be greatly appreciated!