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Dual-Pane File Managers - What do you recommend?

Question asked by Wesley Shafer on Jul 24, 2012
Latest reply on May 7, 2018 by Wesley Shafer

Our department has been using Xplorer2 for years and we received new computers last week.  Once we installed Xplorer2 we noticed the file icons don't show up anymore.  I've tried a few different programs (freecommander, saladin, WDE).  Some show the icons and some don't.  I really like FreeCommander and Xplorer2, but both of those don't show the icons anymore.


We were on Windows XP 64bit and now Windows 7 64bit.  This worked before.  Here are some screenshots of what it should look like and what it now looks like.  I should note that only Solidworks files are the ones that don't work.  You can see the excel files in right pane show up correctly. 


Here is what it should look like



Here is what it now looks like