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    Link card variable value to another with condition

    Martin Sedlar

      Hi everyone,


      We use variable box REVISION NAME on document card, which is filled by string from our ERP.

      User working on document, which has Revision 1, for instance, gets revision name from ERP by clicking on card button, this launches 3rd part addin in EPDM and fills variables on document card.

      Every revision number relates to different revision name. So it could be like this - document at revision 3 displays at its drawing Rev 1 - TZ001235, Rev 2 - TZ004588, Rev 3 - TZ005589. User must type this info in drawing today and I´d like to automate this process.


      Issue I cant solve for following reasons:

      I don´t know how to link REVISION NAME value into variable REVNAM1, where will be saved REVISION NAME value for revision number 1 forever.

      Lets say, one month later next revision is necessary, so it goes again, but I like to link REVISION NAME value into REVNAME2 without any impact of REVNAME1.

      In the same way in revision 3 is needed.


      Somehow else:


      If Revision number is 1 then REVNAM1=REVISION NAME related to the date and time of creation (in this case TZ001235)

      If Revision number is 2 then REVNAM2=REVISION NAME related to the date and time of creation (in this case TZ004588)

      If Revision number is 3 then REVNAM3=REVISION NAME related to the date and time of creation (in this case TZ005589)





      Screenshot from drawing is attached


      If previous is possible, so I´m possible keep all of this information at drawing, but EPDM general tab of document card displays just current revision name.


      I will be gratefull for any kind of advice




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          Bogic Dubak

          Hi Martin,


          I do not have the exact solution for you but i can give you some clues in what direction you can go in order to solve your task.


          Firstly "Enterprise PDM increments a version number (1, 2, 3, ...) each time a new version is checked into the vault. A

          revision number can then be applied to any version. For example, version 7 of a file may be approved as part of a workflow and receive the Rev1 revision number."

          So you can increment a revision number if you assign that in your workflow automatically.

          The other thing it seems to me that you need is something to describe what was revised. I think you can use comment for that and all the revisions and comments are preserved in the file history that you can see from in the ePDM vault.

          If you need an automated revision description you might want to use a dispatch add-in where you can assign an action on "Change State" event and update the REVNAME variable.

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              Martin Sedlar

              Hi Bogic,


              thanks for interest. We use all of you mentioned. I described my need very inaccurately, I´ll try it once again better.



              Please, take a look in at the pictures and description below.


              if user press TPV button (green rectangle) on checked out document card we obtain revision designation from our ERP. Revision designation is connected with variable ČÍSLO ZMĚNY (REVISION NAME) (in red rectangle). In that time revision number already exist from previous workflow transition. Let´s say we obtain REVISION NAME from EPR as TZ001235 and revision number is 1 and it was done at 07-24-2012.



              So now I need to make CURRENT NAME OF REVISION full by REVISION NAME (easy task) and for ERP NAME OF REVISION 1 make it the same but forever, I mean if next revision is need values of ERP NAME OF REVISION 1 and DATE OF REVISION 1 stay displayed as they were and next line is making full by data from EPR and date.


              I was wonder if following is possible:


              (revindex=1; date of revision 1=07-24-2012; current name of revision=TZ001235  =>  erp name of revision 1=TZ001235)

              card filling when rev1.png



              (revindex=2; date of revision 2=08-25-2012 (date of revision 2>date of revision 1); erp name of revision 1=TZ001235; current name of revision (for example) =TZ004588  => erp name of revision 2=TZ004588)


              card filling when rev2.png

              if REVINDEX=3...........


              card filling when rev3.pngand so on




              I´ve tried to use in ERP NAME OF REVISION 1 input formula (picture below) something what could help, but I´am stuck anyway

              input formula.png


              Does anyone know if there si some tools or another way how to do it in EPDM?


              I know dispatch could be helpful, but I don´t want to use dispatch, because this would be too many actions to do for users to acquire precision card data displaying.



              Thanks for every note to this subject