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    Task not working since SW2012 upgrade

    Mike Ramsey

      Just updated a couple test users to SW2012 SP4.0 but still running EPDM 2011 SP2.0. I have a task for creating PDF versions of the drawings once drawings are released but for the users running SW2012 it's stopped working. Any ideas what's going on? I can't upgrade to EPDM 2012 yet because of some licensing issue with my parent company.

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          Corey Hinman

          Generally you'd want PDM to be ahead of Solidworks in version, but I would bet you need to update the task.


          After Service Pack Upgrade


          You will also need to update the Solidworks addin and convert tool. This is from the knowledge base, but here are the steps:


          If using an old version, upgrade the existing task add-in in the vault:
          1. Open administration tool on an upgraded client log in as administrator
          2. File > open > browse to c:\program files\solidworks enterprise pdm\default data\
          3. Load the "Convert_GB.cex" file
          4. Drag-and-drop SWTaskAddIn  to the add-ins node (not the convert task).  Select Yes to update the existing add-in. (see attached UpdateTaskAddin.jpg)
          5. Verify via the task host configuration that the updated add-in is loaded
          6. On clients that act as task host it is recommended to exit Enterprise and log in again to the view to ensure the updated add-in is loaded.

          Once the add-in is upgraded you may need to update the actual task script as well. Refer to KB solution S-057908 for more details.

          Note that this also applies to other add-ins in an upgraded vault, such as Dispatch. Those can be updated using the add-in node.

          This is an easy task to do, don't sweat it!


          ~Corey Hinman, CEPA