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    what is Velocity RFF?

    Chris Michalski

      I was making some new visualization parameters in Flow 2009 and see X/Y/Z Velocity RFF as usable parameters.  But when I search for what the RFF stands for I can't find anything.



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          Rich Bayless

          Hi Chris,


          I searched the SW pdf files for RFF, nothing comes up.


          Searching for 'Rotating', I found the below on page 223 in the Tutorial.pdf.




          Relative to rotating frame. When the Relative to rotating frame option is selected, the

          specified velocity (Mach number) is assumed to be relative to the rotating reference

          frame (Vr):

          Here, r is the distance from the rotation axis and ω is the angular velocity of the

          rotating frame. The mass or volume flow rate specified in the rotating reference frame

          (the Relative to rotating frame option is selected) will be the same in the absolute

          (non-rotating) frame of reference if the tangential velocity component is perpendicular

          to the opening’s normal, thus not influencing the mass (volume) flow rate value, e.g.

          when the opening's normal coincides with the rotation axis.