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    Workflow Approvals

    Kevin Stickels

      Working on an ECR/ECO workflow where certain individuals/departments "sign off" approvals. However, there are times when the EC requires other departmental approvals or different approvals based upon specific requirements of the change. Can I set conditions in the transitions where if a variable (for example, "Eng Approval Not Required")  is checked the approval is bypassed and goes to the next in the list? I am using parallel approvals and notifications. I am trying to do this without writing an API. 

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          Raghavendra Bhagwan



          I think you are spot on. But dont forget the set the default value as unchecked, if you use the radio button or check box on the data card.


          If you plan to use the drop down list it would be even easier to select and the varible value can be set as the condition on the workflow transition.