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    Template font problem

    jay Nachiappan

      Dear All,..


      Three of us start to use solid work recently ,all of us using same template,put it look different in each computer , the font style height and everything same ,but look different,

      How it look i have attached here ,And also whenever i save into dwg format ,template text always,run all the direction,some of you may face this kind of problem,

      i am looking for solution


      template problem-2.PNGtemplate problem.PNG

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          Jim Wilkinson

          Hi Jay,


          Check to make sure that the specified font is actually installed on each of the machines in the Font folder within Control Panel in the operating system. If the font is not installed, it will instead fall back to using a different font. This looks to be what is happening in your case as you can tell the first image is using a serif font and the second is using a san-serif font (see here for more details on what that means if you are not familiar with font styles: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serif).


          I hope this helps,


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              jay Nachiappan

              Dear Mr.Jim


              We all using same font,same size .the font type is  courier new ce,


              Some new font if i install also, it not available in solidworks ,but it is available in other application like MS Office ,

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                  Jerry Steiger



                  You may think that you are all using the same font, but the output is clearly using two different fonts for the information at the lower left corner. As Jim noted, the top drawing is using a font with serifs and the lower drawing is using a font without serifs. The non-serif font also has wider spacing between the characters, which is why the information overlaps with the adjacent box. The most likely cause is, as Jim said, that one or two of your three computers don't have the font installed.


                  Jerry Steiger