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    jay Nachiappan

      Hi Guys


            I try to applied the follwing equation siquence,but solid work 2012 shows error , i hope it may possible in older version ,because this equation i got form some solid work tutorial ,

      Both equation and error att here,may be in SW 2012   so simple,

      euation problem-2.PNGeuation problem.PNG

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          Raghvendra Bhargava

          Hi Jay...

          Error is coming because of circular reference.....Equation.jpg


          put circular reference setting for message NEVER..error wont come...

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            Frank Ruepp

            Hi Jay,


            this must be a pretty old SolidWorks Tip since we do not allow identical active left hand sides in equation for some time.  I can remember that some releases ago it was possible to specify an equation like D1@Sketch1 = 5 and in the next line you could specify that D1@Sketch1 = 3.  I just double checked in 2011 and there it is also not possible to specify two equations for one dimension.  So nothing that is specific to 2012 and the changes we made with 2012.


            As Rhagvendra already pointed out there is a setting that turns off the circular reference warnings.  Giving a warning for circular references is in general a good thing as usually users don't want to have an eternally changing part that changes the shape with every rebuild.  However in some particular cases (like this one for animation purpose) it makes sense to allow them and in 2012 we have not blocked the creation of circular references.


            I looked at the equations mentioned above and tried to put them into one nested if statement (by the way, if you want to use nested if statements you might want to build them with the old iif syntax as it seems that there is something broken with the new syntax):


            The sketch entities change with every rebuild (become bigger and then smaller and bigger...).  Perhaps you want to give it a try.




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