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RealView Graphics not activating!

Question asked by M. Shahid on Jun 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2012 by Jeff Holliday

Hello Gentlemen,


I am using Sworks2012(SP3-X64) but unable to see the realistic view of part models.  "RealView Graphics" are disabled(dimmed) from the menue; View-->Display.


"Use Software OpenGL" option is also dimmed in Opetions-->System Opetions-->Performance.


I am using Dell XPS L15 with 8.G.B RAM, Win 7 and dedicated nVIDIA GForce M420 graphic card and updated drivers. Anyone has experienced and resolved this kind of problem?


P.S: I have seen "RealView Graphics" on this machine while one of my friends installed SWorks for compability check before to buy Sworks. Recently, I have reinstalled my O.S and unable to see "RealView Graphics".


Any Idea?




M. Shahid