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    Multiple problems with EPDM

    Max Crittenden

      1. I can't check anything in or out of the vault while I'm in Solidworks, using the Enterprise PDM tab on the task pane. The check out and check in icons are grayed out, and the commands in the right-click menu are grayed out as well. (Yes, I am logged in to the vault.)


      2. I can only check files in and out using Windows Explorer. And I can't do that if the file is already open in Solidworks. If I try to do so, I get a stop sign and the message "The file is open in another application", and the check-out button is grayed out.


      (3. The funny thing about 1 and 2 above is that when I first installed EPDM a month or two ago, the situation was reversed. I could check in and out from Solidworks. If I tried in Windows Explorer, it would crash.)


      4. In the lower half of the EPDM tab of the task pane, where there appears a thumbnail of the selected file and several information fields, none of the fields have any text in them except the configuration. Even if I've checked out the doc, my name does not appear after "Checked out by".


      5. I can't figure out any way to add new files to the vault. I've added new parts to an assembly and checked in the assembly. The new parts appear in the vault list in the task pane and in Windows, and I have write access to them, but I can't check them in or out.


      Any idea what the heck is going on here?


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          Daniel Tuczapski

          Hello Max


          1,2,3 what version and service pack of SolidWorks and EPDM you are using ?


          4 Can you show me a screenshot ?


          Best regards


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            Corey Hinman

            1. I would first check to see what license type you have installed, editor, contributor, etc. For using solidworks you would need the editor version of Enterprise installed.

            2. If the file is open in an application you must check in/out through the application, that's normal behavior.


            In the Admin tool, go to Help, About, that will show you the client type you are using.

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              Ravi Teja


                    1. What versions and SPs are you using.

                    2. Using any thing other than Editor should give you error when you start SWX and Add-in in ON.

                    3. What was the sequence of installation EPDM First and SWX next ?

                    4. Did you try repairing the Installtion.

                    5. Is this user specific or machine specific.





              Ravi T

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                Max Crittenden

                I'm using SW2011 SP5.0 and EPDM 11.0 B509. Here's a screenshot:

                EPDM screenshot.JPG

                And a detail showing that the check in/out options aren't available:

                EPDM screenshot detail.jpg


                Corey: < In the Admin tool, go to Help, About, that will show you the client type you are using. >


                Sorry, I have no idea what you're talking about. What's the Admin tool, and where do I find it?

                Anyway, I was able to check files in and out up until a couple of weeks ago. Now the people I'm working with (at another company, where the vault is) tell me they can't see any of the changes I've made recently.


                Ravi: I can launch Solidworks with the EPDM add-in checked. No errors. Solidworks was installed first and EPDM later.


                I'll see if I can get our IT people to "repair the installation". I'm the only one in our company currently working with this vault, and I don't know if EPDM is set up on any other machines, so I can't answer your last question.

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                  Max Crittenden

                  I believe we've found the answer: I was working off-line. Switched to on-line and I can add my new parts to the vault, check in, check out, see file information and everything.


                  My file folders had changed from green to blue, and I guess that should have been the tipoff, but I honestly didn't notice. Now they're green again.


                  Just a thought to Solidworks: If I attempt to log in and I'm not logged in, or if I attempt to check a file out and I'm not connected to the vault, how about a message to that effect? As far as I could tell, login was working, checkout and checkin were working, but in actual fact nothing was happening! The only clue was the color of the folders. And if I'm not totally familiar with EPDM and using it every day, I may not notice a change from green to blue. Think about it.


                  Thanks to all who tried to help.

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                      Jason Capriotti

                      Yeah, this one has bitten us a number of times. Many of our users only search for drawings so we have a shortcut to the search tool on their desktop. Enterprise PDM will sometimes go into offline mode yet still let you login. Since these users never browse into the vault view and only use search, if they manage to get into offline mode, its not noticable. The search works fine, they just get an error message about not being able to retrieve the file.

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                          Kurt Lundstedt

                          Point taken on the notification about being Off-Line.  The other tell tale things that you'll see in Off-Line mode besides blue folders are:

                          -Nothing appears in the preview tabs in windows explorer or any file open dialog (i.e not data card, bom, contains, where used)

                          -Only locally cached files will appear in the file list

                          -A new column is displayed titled "Writeable" which tells you if have can modify and save a file because you had it checked out before going into off-line mode.