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    Surfacing trouble

    Jeremy Smith

      Hi all,


      I am having some trouble knitting this model to turn the body into a solid. My ultimate goal is to create an entire shell and run it in simexpress to make an aero package and there needs to be a solid body. If you guys could have look over it and see what may be wrong i would appreciate it. This is my first go at creating surfaces so the learning curve has been a little steep.



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          Hi Jeremy,


          My advice to you is to keep going and build all the surfaces for 1/2 of the vehicle. Once finish, then extrude the undercarriage surfaces and then cap all of it with a  simple rectangular planar surface on the mirror plane (front plane in your model) and do  mutual trim against your car body surfs, the undercarriage and mirror plane surface to knit it all up then make that knitted surface solid. From there, you can try to do a shell.


          The other approach is to build all your 1/2 body surfaces, create partline splits and then thicken each panel individually.