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        Frank Krockenberger

        How about being able to move the conformation corner to either corner,

        It should be on the top left corner any way.  That is where most of the commands are.



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          Don Van Zile



          This is an interesting suggestion as I too have wondered why the top-right corner was used for this.  It always seems like it's the furthest away from everything used, especially on widescreen monitors and even worse spread across 2 screens. I would think right above the workspace or just below the HUD icons would better.



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            Don Van Zile

            Talking to the point of saving mouse clicks (I would think this would be invaluable to everyone) what do you think about this idea.  Most everyone's workflow comes with editing/changing dimensions.  What if instead of having to click/double-click to enter numerical data into the dimension dialogs, you could just hover your mouse over it and just start entering numerical values.  Do this would automatically infer that you are modifying that dimension and pop-up appropriately with the entered data.


            5-3-2012 2-30-47 PM.png

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              Dwight Livingston



              With that scheme, I worry about inadvertent changes to dimensions. I'd rather have one click to edit.


              I would prefer to edit the number in the dimension, rather than in a box.



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                Glenn Schroeder

                Off the top of my head, I think it would be good, as long as double-clicking still brought up the dialog box as it does now for the times we want to add to or subtract from the current value, or for naming the dimension without changing the value.

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                  Jim Wilkinson

                  Hi Everyone,

                  Just to share the history of the Confirmation Corner, it was implemented long ago (SolidWorks 2004). It was originally implemented when we went from popup dialogs that covered the screen to the PropertyManager. In our initial usability testing of the PropertyManagers, we found that because the PropertyManager was unobtrusive, sometimes users wouldn't realize they were in a modal command and wondered why they couldn't do other things. The Confirmation Corner was more of a visual reminder that they were in a command and gave the added benefit of having an additional area to select OK or Cancel. It was placed on the right of the screen because the PropertyManager is on the left and already has OK/Cancel at the top, so depending on whether you were working on geometry near the left or right, there was a way to get to OK/Cancel with little mouse movement and you could choose which one to go to depending on whether your next action/button was to the left or right. All of that was implemented when there was no such thing as wide screen monitors and we have since extended the usage of the confirmation corner to do all sorts of other things than just OK/Cancel (exit editing a sketch and other various mode, etc.). So, it could be time to reconsider. I will note that the corners of the screen are also logical places for UI since very little geometry selection happens there. I'd be a bit afraid of users mis-picking the exit sketch or cancel when they were intending to pick geometry if they were placed below the view toolbar as in Don's images.









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                    Daen Hendrickson



                    The "G" magnifier is still not in my workflow. It would probably help in several instances.


                    Same as you, I have had this dragging frustration on numerous occasions but now cannot duplicate. I have not updated SW in nearly a year (SW2011 SP3). So now I am on the hunt to understand what conditions make this a repeatable condition.

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                      Daen Hendrickson

                      Don, would it do any good to make "little thing" suggestions about PDM Workgroup...?

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                        Wayne Tiffany

                        I'm a bit nervous of it also.  The main reason is that I have, and use extensively, macros tied to the numeric keypad for various views - 5 for front, 4 for left, 8 for top, 9 for one iso, etc.  I can see situations where the mouse happens to be sitting over a dim and all of a sudden that dim is in the process of being changed.


                        I think the evidence of that is suggested by the fact that with SW2012 the recent doc dialog on screen was changed to where you have to click on a doc in it rather than just having the cursor over the desired doc.  This was the result of too many people getting an undesired effect merely due to the random cursor position.  Same story here, I believe.



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                          Don Van Zile

                          Daen, absolutely and I've just created the thread.



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                            James Pare

                            How about a thread on things that should have been fixed along time ago???


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                              Don Van Zile

                              Done as well (just for you!)  I'm trying 



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                                Annie Cheung


                                We had a lot of users request an option to turn off the heads up toolbar when it was first introduced because they felt it encroached on the model space.  I understand some users have bigger monitors today but I would keep that in mind before relocating the confirmation corner. 


                                There was a SPR filed to turn off the hud:


                                SPR #408373 - "Heads-up view toolbar should have the ability to disappear (similar to unpinned/default Menu Bar) and automatically drop down menus."




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                                  Brian McEwen

                                  I’ve got another one.  Does anyone else feel like objects used to be easier to see on older versions of Solidworks?  Then the graphics got fancy and glossy and more lighting and scenes and what not.  I typically have RealView turned off.  I find situations where one side of a part is washed out white by the lighting. Or there are too many shadows to see a part that is colored grey or somewhat dark.  And forget about black colored bodies, they are just blobs. 


                                  How about adding a Scene that is designed for good visibility?  Maybe it could moderate the colors so that the edges of a black colored part would even be visible. Minimizes glossiness. No surface would be washed out white unless it is colored white. An orange surface would not look almost black just because it is on the bottom of a part. I don’t want to have to go in and fiddle with colors and lighting just because of the choices some user before me made. Ideally it could still have some shadow effects because that helps to visualize the shapes.  


                                  I’d also like a setting to turn off reflective floors even if real view is on. 



                                  This JustRight scene would also be useful for shaded views on drawings.  I don’t know if you have noticed but the shaded drawing views use the current setting of the scene when you add them.  This results in drawing views with too many shadows and then I have to go back and crank up the ambient lighting (which results in more washed out faces).


                                  I’m nostalgic enough that I even set up a blue gradient as my background.

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                                    Daen Hendrickson

                                    SW2011 SP3


                                    While in a part file, if I edit a sketch plane (via the RMC popup on a feature tree sketch) and then RMC on the same sketch right afterward (with the intent to edit the sketch), the pop up menu does NOT show the edit sketch icon and shows two copies of the show icon. I have to click in the graphics area first, then RMC on the sketch to get the properly populated popup to occur.


                                    This has been discussed in other threads in the past and the behavior was confirmed by other forum users at that time... sorry, can't find the thread is was in.



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