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HOLE WIZARD wizardy!

Question asked by Ronan Mulvey on Apr 30, 2012
Latest reply on May 1, 2012 by Ronan Mulvey

Hi all,

is it possible to "reset" the tapped hole size?

I save sheet metal parts to dxf's but if there is a threaded hole in the geometry I then have to "resize" the holes in AutoCad.



I have a plate with an M4 tapped hole.

When I export this as a dxf I need the hole to be less than the 3.30mm I have chosen.

     (In the OPTIONS of the HOLE SPECIFICATION I have selected "Tap Drill Diameter")



I then have to open Autocad and resize the hole to a 2.5mm diameter.


So, in colclusion,  what I think I am looking for is, the master file that has the standard settings for the Hole Wizard so that I can modify them.


Can anyone out there help me with this one......


Best Regards,